About JGP

Trajectory Changing Internships

The Inception Story

When I turned 50 I began thinking about the people who impacted me along my path.  I wrote many of them letters informing them of their impact on my life.   Then I considered who I had impacted in a positive and meaningful way.  Apart from my immediate family, my list was short.  I decided I wanted to increase my impact and this internship program is part of that effort.

Opportunities for Practice

When comparing this opportunity to other internship possibilities, I expect participants will experience one main difference – repeated opportunities to practice.  Interns will conduct numerous short presentations, lead meetings, lead small teams, and the like.  Interns will exit the summer having practiced important skills that will serve them well in their chosen profession.

What Interns Will Do

Interns will conduct extensive research into macro investment trends, alternative assets and investment best practices. In particular, we will examine alternatives for managing a portfolio ranging from $20M to 100M+ (a portfolio too large to be managed by an individual/family, but not large enough to support a family office).

About the Founder 

I am an entrepreneur with a passion for decentralization and experimentation in governance. I see coercion, power and politics as the principal source of the World’s problems. I seek to invest in platforms with a particular interest in the automation of governance, defi, decentralized ledgers and startup societies. Bitcoin provides perhaps the first, and still best, example of automated governance in that it takes the functions of central banks and automates them, while providing transparency.

Entrepreneurial History:

  • Co-Author Airline Pilot Starter Kit – published by Air, Inc. (Kit Darby co-author);
  • Founded Fly America (1996-1999) – An online learn-to-fly community;
  • Residential real estate investor (1999-2001 & 2007- 2012);
  • Homebuilder and property developer (2001-2010); and
  • Trader (equities, options, futures, forex & crypto) 1995-Present.

Work History:

  • Manufacturing (Trailmobile and Caterpillar)
  • Regional airline pilot/charter pilot 
  • Private equity fund investing in university housing 


  • BS – Millikin University
  • MBA – University of Illinois