We are seeking to define the portfolio for the 21st century. The way the world works is changing and we want to explore the macro trends at play. The institutions and systems that dominated the 20th century are losing their relevance and the emerging decentralized world will look a lot different. We are looking for one or perhaps two more summer interns to complete our team. This summer we will explore the macro trends at play and explore what it might mean to be a 21st century semi-active investor.

When generating possible investment ideas, keep in mind the following:   We believe the world of fiat money is something of a “black hole” at this point.  Central banks are creating unbelievable amounts of currency and distorting markets all over the world.  The incessant currency creation, in my opinion, will lead to the destruction of currency in which all traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate are denominated.  As a result, I am looking for opportunities outside of traditional investment vehicles and currencies.  You may not agree with my assessment, but if you can work with that assumption and are a creative, financially focused young adult consider applying for this opportunity.

During the summer we will  explore :

  1. What are the major trends/catalysts that will shape the world over the next twenty years?
  2. What types of alternative assets exist outside of the fiat money world?
  3. What is the return and risk profile for those assets?
  4. How might investors at a variety of net worth “zones” differ in how they execute on their investments? In other words, how might an investor with $2 million in net worth be different operationally than an investor with $20M or $50M?

If you are interested in applying for this summer 2021 internship, please review the About and Internship pages. After completing those steps, follow the directions on the Apply page.

Calling the Hive Mind

If you do not have time for the full internship, but are interested in participating in the conversation, check out the Hive Mind document.  You can offer your perspective on any of the questions posed or submit your own questions.  We are offering rewards for creative and insightful answers.  We have lots of questions and will post short term projects on the community board, as well, which you can get paid to work on.