Internship Overview

Summer 2021

We have been interested in developing a summer internship program for college aged young adults for a number of years.  Summer 2021 marks the inaugural year for the program (“the Program”). The Program’s goal is to generate internship opportunities focused on professional skill development, while supporting projects such as start-up societies, blockchain and automated governance.  Interns will  develop professional skills and experiences while engaging in practical real-world opportunities.

Target Work Product – Summer 2021

The Program’s goal for  Summer 2021 is to explore investment opportunities outside of traditional vehicles such as stocks, bonds and real estate.  The investment opportunities we are seeking requires an extensive exploration and understanding of the current macroeconomic climate, along with discussions about what is working and what is not.  We will ask lots of questions and engage in extensive brainstorming.

The Work Commitment

The Program will last approximately eight weeks starting in early/mid-June and ending in late July.  The exact dates will be pinned down and customized as we progress through the Spring.  

The time commitment will be approximately 30-hours per week.  

All work will be conducted remotely, involving many Zoom meetings and emails.  Interns must have good internet access and be available for regular online team meetings.  Otherwise, interns will enjoy a great deal of control over when and where they work. 


Interns will be compensated as independent contractors.

The non-financial compensation would be the learning and experience they take away.  It will ultimately be what interns make of it, but the takeaways could be substantial.  Interns will have opportunities to operate at a high level and on important matters.  

Skills & Activities the Intern will Develop & Engage In:

·        Leadership – Interns will take turns leading the other interns on research projects.  While the projects will be small (so some might suggest calling it leadership is contrived) you will have the opportunity to implement leadership tactics (again, it’s what you make of it).

·        Learn how to run a meeting.

·        Public speaking and presentations – Interns will make numerous presentations to the group.

·        Interns will gain practical experience with digital currency.

·        Interns will hire at least two remote gig workers to assist in their work.

·        Discussions regarding valuing investments and discounted cash flows.

·        Presentations by experts, and interns will assist in the organization of these seminars.

·        Interns will have a voice in deciding which skills s/he  wants to practice.

The Curriculum

We will review and mine the following books for ideas to implement:

·        “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

·       “ Principles” by Ray Dalio

·        “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin 

·        “Towards Freedom” by Dan Becker

Performance Standards

The performance standards will be high.  The work needs to be excellent and accomplished efficiently.  Emails and Zoom calls need to be conducted professionally and that includes appearance. 

Having high standards is a blessing.  Nobody wants to be on a losing team so this team will be a winner.  Having high standards will make the work more fun, valuable and increase the learning opportunities for all of us.

Who is the opportunity right for?

·        Somebody who really wants to participate in the unique opportunity described above;

·        Someone who is self-directed. Interns must be disciplined in getting their work done;

·        Trustworthy;

·        Interested in learning and developing new skills;

·     Interested in experimenting with and building new kinds of organizations around decentralization, idea meritocracy and flat organizations; and

·   Someone who enjoys conducting extensive internet research, compiling facts/data and organizing it into a database or worksheet.


Summer 2022 Program

Become part  of our learning community.  Engage early in our discussions of business ideas for extra consideration for the 2022 program (as extra consideration will be given to people with a demonstrated interest in the project).